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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master


THE MANAGING BOARD– it’s the policy making body of the institution. It comprises of the Founder, the Executive Director, Dean and experts in the field of higher education. It defines the institution’s development policy and strategy.
The Managing Board upon proposal of the Academic-Scientific Council and other boards:
Adopts the College’s Statute and Regulations; Drafts the Annual Reports on overall progress of the College’s operation and issues other bylaws; Establishes the development and financing policy of the College; Decides on academic-scientific and commercial activity of the College;
Takes decision on establishment and abolition of the courses and curricula; Nominates the Executive Director/Manager of the College “Pjetër Budi”; Nominates the Dean of the College upon proposal of the Academic-Scientific Council; Defines the tuition fees or other charges in the Faculty, upon proposal of the Head of the Managing Board; Sets rules regarding service costs of the College; Acts under the general provisions of this Statute.