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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master


 Message from the Dean
"Pjetër Budi" College was formed with a clear vision to produce ideas and educate generations which would have an impact into the theory and the practice of economy, management and public administration in Kosovo and in the region.
The college, during these ten years, has equipped successful generations with the right knowledge, those who have helped into forming the world of business in the international level and the region as well. We have understood our mission as a dedication to create knowledge with a long-term impact and to educate future actual leaders of business.
We move forward into this mission, in continuous research for the perfection and relentless pursuit of excellence and attitude as above, always remaining special.
Our vision is to be:
·       Specialized college in forming academic students
·       Expert center, specialized in specific field of studies with the impact within the place and the region, also
·       Center of excellency in scientific studies
We will always be open towards new ideas and requests of the generations, partners, and trends of economical development, demand of the labour market, and the scientific and technological achievements.
The purpose of the study programs offered by the college so the students can equip themselves with:
·       Relevant studies which allows them to understand widely the theory and practice regarding the needs of labour market and employment, also
·       Achieving important results in scientific research, through professional teaching methods, creativity, the usage of scientific achievements, fulfilling expectations of students and our partners in the labour market
We create equal opportunities for everyone, without any kind of discrimination in the aspect of law, race, bridal, language, religion, political or social orientation, ethnicity etc.
To analyze the mission, we have defined these objectives:
·       Achievement of excellency in every field of academic activities and scientific research
·       Holding a well known professor which owns the values and higher professional capabilities
·       Strengthening the system of quality management
·       Increasing the national, regional and international cooperation
We support the aims of our actual and future students, offering them attractive studying programs, in bachelor: Customs and Freight Forwarding, Business Administration, Management of Tourism and Hospitality, Insurances, and Law.
For those who want to continue their studies in the master level, we offer these programs: Management of Customs and Freight Forwarding also general branches of Management such as: Management of Insurances, and the Management of Tourism and Hospitality.
To attract even a younger group and future-to-be leaders, the College offers support through the scholarships and various programs in support of the Student’s Organisation. ‘’Bonu In’’ project has been designed conform the youth interests for a better organised student life.
We also strongly support the continuous cooperation with our ex-students through the ALUMNI organisation. Our cooperation with our ex-students within ALUMNI, which today they are excellent experts in various fields, leaders in the world of business and politics, it is a permanent objective of the College. This cooperation has to be permanent and in the interest of everyone

Prof.Dr. Hashim Rexhepi