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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master

College Secretary 

College Secretary is appointed by the Managing Board by proposal of the Executive Director.
The Secretary is appointed for the period of four years, with possible reappointment for an undefined period.
The candidate for the Secretary post has to meet the following criteria:
superior professional qualifications (legal sciences, public administration or similar),
sufficient knowledge about learning and science processes;
appropriate professional experience,
knowledge of English language,
computer literate.
 The Secretary is chief administrative officer of the College, with special rights and responsibilities as specified in his contract signed by the Board Manager. 
  The Secretary reports to the Dean for an efficient, economical and effective administration in all College levels. In this capacity, the Secretary is responsible for all issues that don’t fall within the competence of the College bodies or other managers. 
 the Secretary is the College chief administrative manager. He is the College Chief Central Administration Manager. 
The College Secretary has the following duties and responsibilities: 
1.  is the chief administrative manager; 
2.  is chief of central administration; 
3.  is chief of administrative office;  
7. is responsible for other issues required by the Managing Board and the Dean, which are not defined by this Statute.