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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master



 All students want to start a successful career. The best place to do so is College "Pjeter Budi"!. "Pjeter Budi" offers high quality accredited programs, which directly affect professional  and scientific growth of the student.

College "Pjeter Budi" has already created a tradition, offering high quality and deficient programs in the country.

A good opportunity for your career is offered by the Law Program of College "Pjeter Budi".

Law Study Program is designed to meet the needs of the new labor market with a professional framework, who will have the opportunity for the knowledge acquired during their studies to implement it in practice and work process.

Legal Studies Program last 4 years, with a total of 240 ECTS 8 semesters. Each semester is translated in the quote of 30 ECTS - credits.

Program offers four specialized profiles, where the student chooses one of the specializations in the 8th semester, as follows:

1: Criminal Law
2: Administrative/Constitutional Law
3:  Financial Law
4:  Civil Law

By performing one of the directions, the student acquires and specializes in a given area of legal sciences.

Law LLB program in College " Pjeter Budi" is presented as an initiative to educate young academic leaders in the field of justice sciences. Graduates from this program will reach an advanced level of knowledge in their chosen fields and will receive the original academic and scientific skills. The program is structured from a genuine interdisciplinary composition,  obligatory subjects, elective subjects, research work, and building of publishing capacity.

In this program the focus will be directed to areas to which the market needs new position, newly created after the independence of Kosovo.

With the completion of studies in this study program, students acquire scientific degree Bachelor of Law LLB, ie 240 ECTS - credit. Graduates of this program will be able to continue Master 1 (one) year or 60 ECTS - credit in the country and elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

Earning the degree in Law, young lawyers will be able to perform professional practice and pass the state bar exam, which enables employment in the legal system of Kosovo.

It is up to you to choose the best institution of higher education  in the country and the region. If you make the right choice,  for a short time you could be employed in the Kosovo legal system and not only, as well as gain knowledge of international and European law and will prepare for the European Union market.

Our 4 year old journey offers the possibility for you to be a scientist and a successful professional tomorrow.

Your career starts here!

You are welcome! 

Law Program is offered to the public market and private market. Students after completion of LLB-240 ECTS, can work as:

- Judge (in the courts of the Republic of Kosovo)
- Prosecutor (State Prosecutor)
- Lawyer
- Notary
- Lawyer in Private Companies
- Private Executor
- Moderator
- In public and state administration
- In the legal office
- In the Arbitral Tribunal;
- Secretary of various other organizations.
that in Kosovo after independence (17.02.2008), the legal system has undergone radical changes. Law Program in College "Pjeter Budi" trains lawyers to suit the newly created legal system!