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 Projects for international cooperation

College "Pjeter Budi" sees as a huge opportunity for international cooperation, the latest political developments between Kosovo and EU. New momentum, the signature of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Kosovo and the EU, alongside with the new developments signalling visa regime liberalisation, will expand opportunities for international cooperation and for increase of students/ teaching staff mobility.
Regionally, CPB signed and implemented actively a number of agreements, such as one with public University of Ohrid in Macedonia, cooperation that was established since 2005. Staff and students were encouraged for regional mobility and cooperation, not just with Macedonia but with other countries in the region as well.
In recent years Cooperation agreements has been signed with the: International Institute for Private, Commercial and Competition Law, Tirana; Cooperation agreement with the University of Bucharest/ Faculty Politechnica; Memorandum of cooperation with the public University of Podgorica/ Economic Faculty, Montenegro; the University "Mediteran", Podgorica; Institute for Development and Research, Ulcinj, Montenegro.
CPB also signed agreement of cooperation with ECDL Kosova in order to give a chance to students and the College staff to become certified with the European Computer Driving Licence.
College 'Pjeter Budi' participated in three  projects financed by EU funds through TEMPUS programme. In first two projects College was beneficiary while in third and ongoing one our institution is partner. The College Vice Dean for Academic Issues is member of the Project Quality Assurance Board.
Our main partners:
 UNMIK Customs Service Regulation 
 The agreement with KFOR
 The agreement with the Insurance Association of Kosovo
 Cooperation with UNMIK CAFAO
 Agreements with insurance companies and banks
 Agreement with "Illyria Hotel"
 Agreements with tourism associations of hotels