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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master

Customs and Freight Forwarding, BA











The mission:

The College "Pjeter Budi" - Prishtina, in its mission implies to provide high-quality education based on knowledge and research in specific areas and in accordance with the requirements of local, regional and international labour market.

College "Pjeter Budi" - Prishtina is the only higher education institution in the country which provides study program for Customs and Freight forwarding.

Study Program Customs and Freight forwarding BA responds optimally to the needs of local and regional market for qualified staff in specific profiles.

The vision:

To prepare staff for the local, regional and international labour market for customs, freight forwarding, logistics, tax administration and international trade;

To fulfill the labour market demand for staff prepared for European economic integration;

Conduct freight forwarding business, transport and logistics in Kosovo;

Be an excellence program for customs, freight forwarding, logistics and international trade in the country.


The aim and profile of the study programme

The purpose of the program is to produce experts that will meet the market needs. Program is designed in accordance with the concept of the modern education:

• To enable the student a direct connection of the theoretical lessons with the activities performed in practice in areas that are covered by the program,

• Students obtain knowledge, skills and competences to work in customs,

• Students be professionally prepared to work in an Kosovo international freight forwarding company,

• Students obtain knowledge, skills and competencies for local and international trade affairs,

• Students obtain professional knowledge for international transport, global logistics enterprises, and tax system, etc.

• Students obtain knowledge from the legislative field in the country and the EU,

• Students become familiar with the competition law and its importance in the sector of freight forwarding and local/international trade in general,


 Expected learning outcomes


Upon graduation- the students are expected to understand advanced concepts in the field of customs and freight forward.

·         The graduate is expected to know operational side of the customs and freighforward processes and procedures

·         It is expected to comprehend the principles of work in customs and freightforwarding in the integrated form

·         To know/understand principles of borders, cros border management and relevant terminology/concepts related to such field

·         To have informed judgement about theories and practices in customs, freightforward, logistics and international trade in general;

·         To be informed about the established techniques of data collection or research methodologies in the fields of customs and fereightforward.


It expected that they be able to demonstrate the mastery and innovation to solve complex and unpredictable problems in a specialized field of work or study. This may include:

·         To be able to use detailed knowledge in the main subjects of customs, freighforward and international trade;

·         Use of specialized and advanced materials, or that are priority for customs, freightforwarding and international trade;

·         The define research projects, development or investigation and identification and implementation of relevant results in the field of customs, freighforwarding and international trade;

·         To practice at the professional level, which involves a high degree of specialization and demonstrate originality and creativity while working on issues of customs, freightforwarding and international trade,


From graduates is expected to be able to carry out assignments that include the management of activities and technical and/or professional complex projects, which could include responsibility for decision making in the context of work or study contingencies or managing the professional development of individuals and groups.

·         To provide advisory services from professional subjects

·         Effective operation that together with colleagues lead the working process in customs, freighforwarding , international trade and fiscal policies;

·         To be independent to take initiative for professional customs activities, freightforwarding and international trade, and taking the main responsibility for the work of others;

·         To cooperate with others and bring changes, develop new ideas, to lead the work in customs, freighforwarding and international trade and fiscal policies;

·         To handle with competence ethical and professional issues in accordance with professional codes and practices in customs, freightforwarding and international trade and fiscal policies


Structure of the Programme: Customs and Freight Forwarding, BA



First year/First semester:



 Principles of Management;

Customs Law;

English Language I;


Information Technology; 

Introduction to Academic Writing; 



First year / Second semester:


Custom Systems ;

Accounting ;


English Language II;


 Information Technology;

Communication and Public Relations;




Second year/ Third semester:


 Custom Recognition of Goods;

 International Freight Forwarding;

Human Resource Management;

Customs Information Systems;


EU Policies and Law;

Introduction to Public Administration;


Second year/ Fourth semester:


Customs Administrative Procedure;

International Transport;

International Finance;

Competition Law;


Customs Internship;

Freight Forwarding Internship;


Third year/ Fifth semester:


International Trade ; 

Protection of Cultural Heritage;

Academic Writing; 

Fiscal Systems and Policies ;


Customs Internship;

Freight Forwarding Internship;


Third year / Sixth semester:


Finance Management;


BA Thesis


International Marketing;

Crime Psychology; 

Insurance in International Trade