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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master



Managment, MA

Profile: Insurance, MA




The vision of the Master Management program is to provide students practical, real, and relevant study program by promoting team-work and engaged learning in order to fulfil the need of the labour market with exceptionally well educated and skilled managers.

The College "Pjeter Budi" - Prishtina, in its mission has the offer of high quality education based on knowledge and research, in specific courses in accordance with the domestic, regional and international requirements of the labour market. The College "Pjeter Budi" offers the study programs which are directly linked to practical and professional work, and deficient profiles in the country and beyond.

By providing the program Master Management with its 3 profiles “Pjetër Budi” aims to provide an integrated set of learning opportunities for students that are interested in enhancing the necessary skills and knowledge in order to effectively manage modern organizations.



The aim of the program Master Management is to prepare competent and innovative specialists or experts, ready to enter into the labour market and provide advanced knowledge in the field of Management. Graduates will be able to utilize appropriate procedures, frameworks, models, and experience to provide solutions and make appropriate decisions.


Another aim of this program is development of analytical and strategic skills of the student, to identify business problems, generate and compare alternatives, and develop solutions.



Study programs have strategic objectives including programs which are subject to this evaluation, as follows.

a)      The achievement of excellence in all areas of academic and research activities;

b)      Ensuring quality in performing of study programs;

c)      Keeping a quality academic staff, who master values and higher professional skills;

d)     Equipping graduate students with the best education and opportunities to increase their knowledge, skills and their valuable experience;

e)      Building bridges in  national, regional and international levels;

f)       Creating an stimulating, developing and innovative environment for academic staff, employees and students;

g)      Ensuring a sustainable environment that enables qualitative achievement in all academic and research developments;


 Expected learning outcomes

After completion of studies – students are expected to master their knowledge and understanding of the matter with respect to their field of study. In particular, students are expected to develop better results in terms of: knowledge, skills, and competency, especially in research.

Expected LO are in line with level 7 of National Qualification Framework.



In terms of knowledge, students are expected to be able to embrace the following:

• Using integrated knowledge of principles, features and terminology to reach the informed judgment about the theories and practice of general management, insurance, hospitality, tourism, banking, finance, accounting ...

• Using detailed knowledge and understanding of key subjects for insurance, hospitality, tourism, human resources, banking, finance, accounting and general management;

• Demonstration of knowledge in insurance management, management in tourism and hospitality, banking management, financial management, accounting management.



·         Using the specialized and advanced materials, primary sources in insurance management, management in hospitality and tourism, banking management, financial management, accounting management.

·         Execution of defined research projects; project implementation and the use of results in the field of Master in Management program organized by College Pjeter Budi.

·         Practicing at the professional level, which involves a high degree of specialization and demonstrating of originality and creativity at work in insurance management, tourism and hospitality, human resources, banking, finance and accounting.



Students are expected to carry out assignments or studies that include activity management or complex technical and / or professional projects, which could include responsibility for decision-making in unforeseen contexts of work or study or manage professional development of individuals and groups.

·         To lead the process of different project management in areas of insurances, hospitality, tourism, banking, businesses, etc.

·         To undertake initiative and professional managerial activities in the field of insurance, hospitality, tourism, banking, businesses, etc. and taking the main responsibility for the work of others;

·         Cooperation with others providing changes, development and new ideas to manage the activities of insurance, hospitality, tourism, banking, businesses, etc.

·         Dealing with the ethical and professional issues in accordance with existing professional codes and practices in project management in fields of insurance, hospitality, tourism, human resources, banking etc.

·         Carry out scientific research in the field of expertise and contribute to the available literature.


Structure of the Study Programme: Management, MA -

First year/First Semester:


Scientific Research Methods;

Strategic Management;

Leadership and Organizational Behaviour;

Operations Management;



 Business Ethics;

Change Management


Second semester:


 International Marketing Management;

 Risk Management;

Managerial Accounting;

 Managerial Decision Making;


Innovations Management;

Finance ;

 E –business


Third semester:


 Financial  Statement Analysis;

Managing Risk of Insurers;

Solvency II;

Trade and Insurance Institutions;


 E-marketing ;

Human Resource Strategic Management;

Strategic Communication and Intercultural Relations;



Fourth semester:

Master Thesis



After completion of this program, you will be able to be employed:
In high levels of insurance companies
As an insurance expert
To open and lead insurance businesses 
To manage the public and private health insurance sector 
In public social insurances, etc.

95% of the graduates on the Insurance program are employed.
Of them : 80% work in the private sector, 15% in the public sector and 70% of them work within their porfession.